Ethics is the foundation supporting our values. In order to offer assistance that adds value to our clients, our practice is anchored on the following principles:

1. Reliability - we are reliable – we give our clients the assurance they need that their cases are being handled as diligently as they would like their cases to be handled.

2. Presence - availability - we are at the disposal of our clients whey they need us most.

3. Commitment - we are committed - we provide customized, tailored-made legal advice that meets our clients’ requirements.

4. Objectivity - we are objective and clear - we relay legally supported information in an objective manner, using legal terminology only to the extent necessary so that clients can easily understand the important information.

5. Flexibility - we are flexible - our professional background enables us to flexibly move among the several areas of business law and devise individual solutions for the client’s specific circumstances.

6. Innovation - we are innovative - we are bold and work creatively and innovatively once we have the sophisticated knowledge of a major global firm in a lean, streamlined structure, providing to the clients special attention, rapidness and direct interaction with partners.